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Ok – my stint with WordPress lasted less than a year, but I knew I needed to really push myself to get my own domain name and have a more posh blog to feature my work! I’m so excited to present my new one at its new home – TATEPHOTOBLOG!


I hope you continue to follow my work, and enjoy it too as well – this site will have categories (so if you want to see one area specifically, you can click on it), links, and more to come. This is all still in its beginner stages but I wanted to make a quick jump over so I could start getting word out and having my posted photos all in one place!

My main website is still at HTTP://WWW.TATETULLIER.COM.

Please leave comments on it and let me know how you like it, and how you are too – of course!

AGAIN – thank you so much for all the wonderful support. I am having so much fun with my career because of all of y’all.


Kelly Landry’s Bridal Session

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Here are a few shots I edited from Kelly’s bridal session back in May. Her wedding was last month in Donaldsonville, where she got hitched to Matt Landry. I edited her wedding before the bridals because I knew she’d most likely want to see the EVENT photos but here’s some bridals I loved out of her awesome bunch!

IMG_1715 copy



IMG_2019 copy


IMG_9890my favorite shot!

IMG_9922 copy


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I got to do a photo session yesterday late afternoon with Brandi and her two boys! It was a quick session but when you just shoot and you know you hit the right shots – it can be fast, and yet still get some of the greatest shots ever! I graduated with Brandi from St. Amant High back in ’96 and hadn’t seen her in ages. She looks great!

Here’s a preview of her session yesterday.



IMG_3496 copy

IMG_3506 copy

IMG_3550 copy

Thanks Brandi, for the business!!!


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Today I did two shoots – and my first being a session with the lovely twin sister duo of Heidi and Heather. I know Heidi from the deaf community here, and she’s the famous pregnant lady in the “pond” photo that was on my website for a good while.

Heidi since then has moved back to DC and is a counselor at Kendall. I met her twin sister, Heather and her family for the first time today. They are such a sweet bunch. We got some really awesome captures today and I just couldn’t resist but post a few edited ones.




IMG_3403 copy

Thanks y’all for the business!


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I had posted a preview on this set last month, and I finally finished them! I absolutely love how they came out. It was MAD HOT on this day in Louisiana when we did this session – which means, kids have much less patience so we were snapping away catching all kinds of different things. I love, love catching kids in their own “mood” and this is definitely what we got!

This group shot is SO funny. This was towards the end of our group shot, and the grump started coming out – but I think that always makes fun memorable photos. Not to get a thrill out of miserable kids, but isn’t it CUTE?


Here are some individual captures of each grandchild – gorgeous girls!

IMG_7777 copy


IMG_7797IMG_7801 copy


IMG_7882 copy

I could survive on this particular set of family’s business! They hire me so often – THANK YOU SO MUCH, y’all!

Congratulations Alyssa & Matt Terry!!!

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Alyssa and Matt are two friends we had while we were at Gallaudet University. I was so honored when they asked me to photograph their wedding this past weekend here in Altamonte (right out of Orlando), Florida! We have had nothing but a ball! Here is a preview of their wedding day – there were just too many to choose, so here are random choosings!

Enjoy! Thank you again to the Terry couple for having me do their special day. Thanks to their families for the food, the nice hotel room, and nothing but all smiles!


























Good night y’all!

Thanks again, Alyssa & Matt for the great times.

Letter from TTP : July 2009

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Sent this out via my group on Facebook –

Hey y’all,

It’s been a while since I sent out a message to everyone in this group – and guess where I am now, on a plane! AirTran now offers wifi service and it is NIICCEE! It feels so strange being able to get online and kill time on an airplane but so be it, no complaints here. If I flew everyday, I’d get so much work done – not being able to really move around much in these plane seats.

I won’t blab too much but what a crazy summer its been so far! I have several things going on for me these days.

Wedding season has definitely kicked in for me at the end of May and it’s been pretty much nonstop since then. Last month was nice, being able to do four local weddings in a ROW! I so accustomed to being home, then once I had to start the jet-setting life again – I wasn’t happy about it. Now that I’ve been flying tons, I’m just used to it allover again.

A few notable things have come up since the last time I sent out a message.

1. Purple has chosen me as one of their ten trailzblazers so that’s been a really nice thing to happen. Please go to the website and vote for me/the LSD kids. If I get the most votes, I will get 10k for the charity of my choice. LSD is who I chose – and if that 10k happens – it’s definitely for the after school program to bring back theater and other interesting cool art related things. PLEASE go to this link to check out the ten trailblazers and VOTE for me/the LSD kiddos!

2. Since that honor has come my way, I’ve been fortunate to garner up some local attention and got some press in the local Baton Rouge newspaper. Front page of the People section, check it out!

3. Another local press is the magazine, 225 – it’s Baton Rouge’s hip magazine. Jeff Roedel interviewed me yesterday for their October issue! How flattering. I did feel silly when doing the interview. I don’t know what it is, but I always feel so silly talking about myself…..

4. I have a new photoblog in the works and it is going to WHOP all my previous/current one OUT DA WATER. I can’t wait to have some more time to work on it. I also have another “website” that will be attached to that site, to promote mainly only my wedding works. All that needs to be done, and will be done eventually!

I’m about to land into Atlanta for my layover to Orlando. I will be shooting Alssa and Matt’s wedding Saturday. Next week, it’s off to NorCal to shoot Julie and Jay Gate’s wedding in Placerville. After that – it’ll be a few days around SF and Fremont, staying with some friends….. if you’re interested in a shooot, I’ll see if we CAN work it out!

Austin is coming up too – will be shooting a wedding on a thursday the first week of Austin. Will be around for a few days after as well.

Best wishes and I can never thank any of you enough for all your continued support and business!

Thank you, and have a great weekend!!
Tate – TTP!