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a shot by tate message

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I sent this message out on Facebook to my group, Shot By Tate, and wanted to post it on here for those who aren’t on the site.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!


Hey y’all –

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Tonight, Sarah and I are celebrating it early with our “from out of town” friends tonight. Tomorrow – it’ll be family all the way. I just finished cleaning the house for when Brian, Brooke, and Dana head over here to start the turkey bake (you think we know how to cook? When we told Brian that we’d pick up a baked turkey from Logan Farms or something – he was like, “NO! Tradition – I’m doing it!”). Thank god for such good cook-y friends!

This may come across a bit cheese-fest but as I was cleaning my house I couldn’t help but AGAIN realize how fortunate I am to have such a beautiful home with my wife. We are so happy in our new house and continue to enjoy living it up. It has become so much more of a haven for us to be together with our friends who come over to hang out, knock back a few poison ones, and just simply enjoy life. This house of course was made possible by all of you (and of course, Sarah’s hard earned paycheck too) who have supported me through the last couple of years. Tate Tullier Photography has been nothing but a continued success for my career and it’s just been amazing to be able to achieve personal/material things through my job. I have gotten to meet so many wonderful people throughout this past year doing 25 plus weddings and also all the “city trips” I was able to squeeze in between weddings. I’m horrible with names (well, not really, but because I meet so many people per week – it can bite me in the ass!) but I RARELY forget a face. All the faces I’ve met this year are just adding onto Tate’s Life Puzzle. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR BUSINESS, SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT, REFERRALS, POSITIVE ENERGY, AND FOR REALLY SEEING WHY I DO WHAT I DO.

I just returned from doing a wedding in Houston this past weekend. It was such a cozy, intimate event and I had a blast. They are a hearing couple and I actually scored the gig because the bride was an aunt of my good buddy, Oscar Ocuto, and she had seen some of my work on his wife, Tamara’s, Facebook page! That’s why I love this networking scene – Myspace, Facebook, all the blogs, and just all of it. It has really enabled me to continue to advertise my work in a not in your face way, but how I like it – the actual clients showing off their Shot By Tate photos on their pages/albums/profiles. It all gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and I want to toast to y’all (pretend, ok… it is 10:15am right now – I think I need to spread out my vodka for the entire day)……..

To such great people I’ve been fortunate to meet, not yet met but will, and have known for ages. You are all great, and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!




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I have booked an eighth wedding for the year of 2009. Thanks Tami Jo and Jason! I look forward to photographing your wedding on July 5th in sunny California!


Also, I’ve been editing Eden and Chris’s wedding that I did in Seattle. We just got some really amazing photos – that’s what happens when the bride and groom are SO relaxed and just easygoing. THAT makes me take the best photos ever.






Again, thanks to you who hire me to do one of your most special days of your life. It is and always will be an honor.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon! Christmas photo shoots are whirling around my world now. I did a group of kids today then some senior portraits of my cousin. We got some great stuff. Tomorrow, we’re having a small Thanksgiving dinner for the “out of town” friends who live here, then on Thursday will be all about family stuff for Sarah and I.



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Andrea and Cesar got hitched this past Saturday in Friendswood (right out of Houston) and I was blessed to have been able to capture moments throughout their special day.








Thanks for the business. Can’t wait for y’all to see the rest!

atlanta hotel self portraits

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I always do this. I love hotel rooms. I like to whip out my machine and snap tons of stuff. Of course, I can’t post some stuff on here just because I don’t want to scare you away. Perhaps if my bod miraculously improves somehow….. I’ll show more! 😉 I’m not really shy about myself, my bod, and whatnot. I certainly am not shy about camera-whoring myself. I did beep an old friend from LSU who lives here in Atlanta to see if he could come to the hotel and let me photograph him, but I hadn’t heard from him via FB. Shucks – next time! I definitely do prefer photographing OTHERS over myself, that’s for sure!


I don’t do tighty whiteys. I’m a black addict.


I didn’t realize there was a penny right in front of me! A penny for your thought? 😉


I went on a HGTV binge.


taken specially for the wife



I like this shot of me. I like to hide behind the camera…..most of the time.



Yup. Was starting to get silly so wrapped up right away.

Have a good Saturday!!!

A Tacoma Senior

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I did these senior portraits when I was in Seattle. I drove to Tacoma and photographed Cat’s daughter, Calista, who is a senior. We had so much fun all afternoon and time flew by!









Thank you Cat & Calista! Wait until you get the CD to see the rest!


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Having a restless night without Sarah at home, I met up with Jodi James and a few others to have a few drinks last night. I ended up enjoying myself and taking some cool photos. This guy started an Indie night at Triple A (a bar that’s usually your “drunk frat college scene” on Thursdays where it’s all candles and “supposedly” couch dwelling (there were two stashed all the way in the corner, far from a good view of the bands). Good times!














Good times!

2009 is Coming!

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I finally put together my most updated travel schedule for the year of 2009. I’m so excited I’ve booked seven weddings already for the new year – I have about 15 different “clients” floating around related to weddings. I’m so flattered to be considered for such a special day for many.

Here you go, if you wondered!


Thank you to all for the support. I know I say it over and over – but I never take it for granted and I’m always so honored to gain new friends (and see old ones!!) at throughout my gigs/travels.

Here’s a sneak preview of Chris and Eden’s wedding in Seattle! Absolutely gorgeous. I gained two new friends that weekend – them.


Chris Le & Eden Vrieze


The bride and I!

More to come!