Flashbacks to the 1st KKP meet

I was browsing through some old photos randomly (well, they’re not THAT old…. back in September of this year!) and I came across a few “behind the scenes” photos. I like for Sarah to accompany me to some of my shoots to join in on the adventure. This is back to the day I met the wonderful lady, Kirsha Kaechele, who is the brains behind the KKProjects art installation deal. You can see more about this lady at her website – kkprojects.


Kirsha walking down her street.


Kirsha, Sarah (my wife), and Katherine Bray (Kirsha’s assistant) checking out my website.


We were waiting for Kirsha and Katherine to change clothes. Isn’t Kirsha’s home gorgeous?


I love meeting new people.

Here are some photos from this shoot in case you missed them when I posted them on Facebook and Xanga a while back.


kirsha kaechele by tate tullier


katherine bray and kirsha kaechele having a laugh.


katherine & kirsha in kirsha’s backyard (really – sideyard).


kirsha standing in front of one of her houses.


kirsha and company

Since this first meeting, I have attended two of KKProjects events (Hot Party and The Brickyard event over Prospect 1 opening weekend) and I continue to be amazed with her way of life. It inspires me to really realize that life isn’t all about what we have materialistically, but what we CAN do with our lives.

Make art, not war. I’m not sure who said that, but I love it.


9 Responses to “Flashbacks to the 1st KKP meet”

  1. In that case, you need to get yourself this poster, stat. They have it on T-shirts too.

  2. And btw, I love the blue house, yellow dress combo. The colors pop, and the light effect is amazing.

  3. Tami Santimyer Says:

    i know john lennon said…make love, not war.

  4. yeah? then john lennon is my buddy! πŸ˜‰ Allison found the poster I actually saw while in Seattle! I’d love to buy one soon!

  5. πŸ™‚ i love the one of sarah sitting by the steps of K’s home. she looked elegant and the home was beautiful, yes but sarah made it even more so πŸ™‚
    “all you need is love” is another thing john lennon said. he said alot of beautiful things… tate, do you know the story about how yoko and ono met? you’d love it.

  6. Sarah is elegant – always. πŸ˜‰ I’m sure one reason I am perceived as somewhat decent is because she’s next to me most of the time… otherwise, I’m just a dirty boy.

    I do recall reading the story of Lennon and Ono – very romantic. I know it’s an entirely different spectrum but Sarah’s my yoko.

  7. love the blue trim paint photo. there’s something about it.

  8. flatter me! πŸ™‚ i LOVED that experience!!!!! i wanna go to ALL her projects!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    love the blue house/yellow dress shots! wud be good wall art!

  9. Does anyone visit this neighborhood today? Kirsha has had quite the influence. The “safe house” is left open to squatters and drug addicts. The “blue house” is used as their toilet. “Life isn’t all about what we have materialistically?” Is that what you call it when buy up property and then vacate it. We have enough absentee landlords who really can’t return due to finances, we don’t need aristocrat artists flying in, cutting holes in buildings and leaving them for the neighbors to clean up.

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