I always come across a sight that just makes me want to take pictures. In this instance, I was taking a piss (sorry, too much information) in my office and I saw this wall on my left side with this cool light texture hitting the wood from the sunlight……. and just had to do some snaps!

Here’s the results. Even the solo sunlight photo came out interesting – the shape could be different things. We all could see different things…. like we all DO in life in general.





One Response to “SUNLIGHT ON WOOD”

  1. haha.. i have many of those taking a piss photos. its when these sights are a must snap. dont know why? maybe it is because when one sits on the can, peeing or number twoing, its when mediation naturally happens. (unless you are miserably sick)

    cool shot. love how the sunlight brought the texture out

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