a wedding website

I will be shooting the Kerri and Charles wedding event in Houston on January 3rd of 2009 (my first wedding of that year!). I did their engagement photos when they were in town a few weeks ago for one of Kerri’s friends wedding in New Orleans. We got some really fun photos and you can see a few of them on their wedding website.


Kerri Kalinec does great design stuff and did this website herself. We just got their wedding invitation today in the mail and it’s all looking oh so awesome. You can check out some of her work at Kerri Kalinec Designs. FYI – she designed my Tate Tullier Photography (TTP) logo.


3 Responses to “a wedding website”

  1. i loooove their whole wedding theme, colors, ideas, and especially the stuff kerri designed herself.

    im so proud to be part of the wedding and so glad she chose you to be the photographer, we’ll have tons of fun on the happy couples special day!

  2. i cannot wait til dec 6th and then jan 3rd!!!! i enjoyed doing the website because your photos made it easier for me to get my creative juices flowing! It was a breeze, wrapping it up and everything!

    Ah, cannot wait til the festivities begin!!!!!! we’re gonna have so much fun.

  3. WOW!!! Love Kerri’s wedding website!?!?! I never saw that until NOW!?!?!?!

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