I have booked an eighth wedding for the year of 2009. Thanks Tami Jo and Jason! I look forward to photographing your wedding on July 5th in sunny California!


Also, I’ve been editing Eden and Chris’s wedding that I did in Seattle. We just got some really amazing photos – that’s what happens when the bride and groom are SO relaxed and just easygoing. THAT makes me take the best photos ever.






Again, thanks to you who hire me to do one of your most special days of your life. It is and always will be an honor.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon! Christmas photo shoots are whirling around my world now. I did a group of kids today then some senior portraits of my cousin. We got some great stuff. Tomorrow, we’re having a small Thanksgiving dinner for the “out of town” friends who live here, then on Thursday will be all about family stuff for Sarah and I.



6 Responses to “WEDDING #8 BOOKED”

  1. wow, great wedding pixs, you always manage to make each wedding look so unique and different through pixs, WOW. keep it up.

  2. omg i love the sun peeking out – it’s so amazing. great pics, especially of the wedding party sitting here and there. i’ve got the room for that! 😉

    have a WONDERFUL gobble day to you both, the photographer and his wife.

    xoxo. K

  3. I wd like for u take pix of my family . We live in Frederick, Md . Which date u are avaiable ?

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