a shot by tate message

I sent this message out on Facebook to my group, Shot By Tate, and wanted to post it on here for those who aren’t on the site.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!


Hey y’all –

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Tonight, Sarah and I are celebrating it early with our “from out of town” friends tonight. Tomorrow – it’ll be family all the way. I just finished cleaning the house for when Brian, Brooke, and Dana head over here to start the turkey bake (you think we know how to cook? When we told Brian that we’d pick up a baked turkey from Logan Farms or something – he was like, “NO! Tradition – I’m doing it!”). Thank god for such good cook-y friends!

This may come across a bit cheese-fest but as I was cleaning my house I couldn’t help but AGAIN realize how fortunate I am to have such a beautiful home with my wife. We are so happy in our new house and continue to enjoy living it up. It has become so much more of a haven for us to be together with our friends who come over to hang out, knock back a few poison ones, and just simply enjoy life. This house of course was made possible by all of you (and of course, Sarah’s hard earned paycheck too) who have supported me through the last couple of years. Tate Tullier Photography has been nothing but a continued success for my career and it’s just been amazing to be able to achieve personal/material things through my job. I have gotten to meet so many wonderful people throughout this past year doing 25 plus weddings and also all the “city trips” I was able to squeeze in between weddings. I’m horrible with names (well, not really, but because I meet so many people per week – it can bite me in the ass!) but I RARELY forget a face. All the faces I’ve met this year are just adding onto Tate’s Life Puzzle. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR BUSINESS, SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT, REFERRALS, POSITIVE ENERGY, AND FOR REALLY SEEING WHY I DO WHAT I DO.

I just returned from doing a wedding in Houston this past weekend. It was such a cozy, intimate event and I had a blast. They are a hearing couple and I actually scored the gig because the bride was an aunt of my good buddy, Oscar Ocuto, and she had seen some of my work on his wife, Tamara’s, Facebook page! That’s why I love this networking scene – Myspace, Facebook, all the blogs, and just all of it. It has really enabled me to continue to advertise my work in a not in your face way, but how I like it – the actual clients showing off their Shot By Tate photos on their pages/albums/profiles. It all gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and I want to toast to y’all (pretend, ok… it is 10:15am right now – I think I need to spread out my vodka for the entire day)……..

To such great people I’ve been fortunate to meet, not yet met but will, and have known for ages. You are all great, and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!



One Response to “a shot by tate message”

  1. Andrea & Cesar Says:

    We wish you and Sarah a Happy Thanksgiving and may God keep blessing you both.

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