Hey y’all –

For the first time in a good while, I was never at my computer for the last couple of days. Busy with tons of shoots, thanksgiving celebrations, and Sarah’s birthday……

Since yesterday, I’ve been sick with a hangover/stomach virus/cold-sinus/allergy reaction combo (welts and all). It’s certainly never a dull moment for myself in this lifetime.

Here is a photo from some of the friends who came over for our “first deaf” Thanksgiving (mainly for those who didn’t go home out of state to spend it with their families). Brian cooked a delicious turkey and everyone else did great dishes as well. I drank from noon till 2am. It was a great time. (Dana Sipek and Milana Grinman were the ones who had flown into Louisiana).


Here’s one of Sarah and I on the actual Thanksgiving day at her Nanny’s house in Maurice, LA (close to Lafayette).


I have lots of things to post but first things first (clients photos!!!) and getting better. I hope I feel helluva lot betta before I head off to Houston for the weekend for Kerri’s wedding festivities.

A shout out to my fellow Britney fans, her CD – Circus – drops tomomorrow, so go buy your copy! Also, check her out on Good Morning America too.

Happy December! (Can you believe 2009 is right around the freakin’ corner?)


7 Responses to “BUSY AND SICK”

  1. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. cannnnnnot wait. get better tater! love the tday shots.

  3. Sarah McBride Says:

    Get well! We all can’t live with you! You are a great photographer!

  4. I bet you had a great Thanksgiving with the loved ones of yours!

    Hope you are feeling better! I really enjoyed viewing your pics. 🙂

  5. and yeah i’m behind ya’ll in the other room all passed out on the couch *chuckles* def had a VERY good thanksgiving, whew.

    i saw britney on the record show last night- very interesting. i could see that she isn’t truly herself 100% again although she’s def getting there. see see with her new CD coming out.

    hope you’ll get well soon!

  6. I hope you avoid any & all foods & drinks & sleep naked so you dont itch while your taking our photos next wkend!
    Absolutely beautiful photo of you and Sarah!

  7. Love the pic of you and sarah. I hope you are feeling better now.

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