I dug in my parent’s photo albums a couple months ago and meant to take these home with me to scan but forgot them behind (what’s new?) so Mom/Dad scanned and emailed em to me. I love old photos. I love my innocence in those days. I’m no longer innocent. It’s not a bad thing, but I’m definitely not innocent. I’m mind raped with today’s screwed up philosophy on how the government runs and how people all around me continue to live in their little own morbid worlds of crap.

Oh, I need to get back to a cheerful tone. Sorry, I diddled off to how reality is. I need to create my own reality and be all happy like the old days. I AM happy now. Please say you get me.

I can’t wait till Sarah and I pop out something so I can document “it” daily. That will be so fun. I should publish an entire book on “it” in 50 years and let that be “it’s” trust fund.

Anyway, I should already be running errands for before I take off for Houston – but apparently – I’m kind of behind.



Dad and I in Montreal.


Gramps (Mom’s Dad) and I. He died when I was 2, so I always wish I knew him.


Cue Kid Robots, Mik – can you believe us??

I only wish you DID end up coming to Gally with me after all!


Expression has never escaped my face. Take it or leave it.


Me and Tommy Denson. I’m lovin’ the turtle fashion.

Better get me ass movin’. You all have a good weekend!


4 Responses to “Oldies”

  1. oh dear God, please give me a child, girl or boy that’s as beautiful, sweet, fun, expressive and as innocent (and may that child please STAY innocent) as YOU!

    love you and the pixs!

  2. U were always the cutest one in the cued speech bunch. Tate- I know 😦 to this day I wish I went to Gally too! Groans but I live vicariously thru u 😉

  3. I ohhhed and ahhhhed @ Sarah’s baby photos on FB now I’m ohhhing and ahhhing on here @ ur baby photos!
    Too cute!
    If ya’ll do get blessed with a child(ren) I’m 100% sure that they’ll be as adorable as you & Sarah were, err still are! LoL

  4. Aww Tate!! you’re so cute!! 🙂

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