in houston, up late…..

Today I drove off to Houston from Gonzales, LA – in a pretty good 4 something hours. I was hoping to hook up with Rose & Olive – two cool photo bloggers but it didn’t work out so I ended up coming straight to Kerri and Charles new pad. Man, this place is kick ass awesome. I’ll have to take a few photos this weekend so you can check out how unique it is (especially with Kerri’s creative taste).

We did this and that, and watched Wanted which was really cool. Visual more over than anything else.

Tomorrow morning, we wake up and I’m going to be shooting Kerri’s bridal portraits so I’ll get to see her dress on her and all that good stuff. We’re going to get some cool stuff shot.

Right now, I was cleaning out my laptop files from folders I forgot about. Here’s a random photo show before I hit the hay!


The view of NYC from my guest room @ the Musanos.


An outtake from Ryan Murphy’s DNA shoot in NYC.


Another one of me in the hotel in Atlanta!


This is one of my faves of Wayne Betts Jr – I just like it.

and now here are some random photobooth shots…..


Me in Austin during the making of The Deaf Family (Sept ’07)


Me in DC (April ’08)


Me and SoHo goofing off at our old home in Sorrento.


The morning I created the “Let’s Get Freaky” vid! (April ’07)


Me in Dallas @ Shelley’s casa (Feb ’08)


Me in DC once again @ the Ocuto household.


Me with Mik & Sarah in Tyler, TX the weekend of the Regan wedding. (April ’08)


@ home, I think – in Sorrento.


@ The Musano Loft in Tribeca/NYC (June ’08)


Erin & I eating Sprinkles cupcakes @ the Karina/Rory casa in Nor Cal (June ’08)


Me missin’ Sarah while I was in Ft. Lauderdale (August ’08)


Me @ Meg and Billy’s new house in Broad Ripple (Indianapolis – August ’08)

Kind of a pointless blog. You guys sleep good, I need to crash…. now.

One Response to “in houston, up late…..”

  1. i want that photo of nyc blown up and framed in my living room. for real. it’s perfect for a frame i have. it’s the best picture i’ve seen in a long time of nyc!

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