Holiday Madness

It’s been definitely busy for me. I feel like I really can’t even say it ever slows down for me at all. Fear not, after this week – I should be caught up with most of my Xmas clients so THAT will definitely let things calm down. Tomorrow, two wedding albums get mailed out and two will continue to be worked on and finalized before printing (Seattle/Houston), and a Kerri/Charles party CD will be mailed off.

Here are some samples of family shots, children, holiday photos, and engaged couples……. all within the last few weeks…..











Thanks so much to all of you who continue to support my business and my love of photography! I hope it’s obvious through my work that I really do cherish each one of you as my client!

Ok, I’m off to bed with the sick wife and a movie! You guys have a good evening – and week!


2 Responses to “Holiday Madness”

  1. all photos are excellent. i like 5th one in b&w photo with two boys and one girl posed cool. they look like come from italy.

    btw, tim k mentioned great thing about you with skill people. cuz i love to know who are deaf photographers.

  2. we obviously can see the passion in you! beautiful shots. that baby with a big red bow is just too cute!

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