I finally finished Chris and Eden’s wedding that I shot in November up in Washington State. The photos came out so gorgeous – the colors were so vibrant with the red and black theme going on. Their wedding cake was just too rock and roll – a mountain!

To view these and enjoy them – click on the photo!



  1. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. i wish you did our wedding. lol

  2. beautiful pictures, tate, as always. props.

  3. Awesome!! Happy you did it so well!

  4. i have to tell you this, tate…you are an excellent photographer! love love love all the pictures! hope to meet you one day soon.
    happy holidays to you and sarah! =)

  5. Kat Brockway Says:

    Tate, even though I don’t know the couple- your wedding shots of them made me cry- it is a truly big story in those pictures! Wow….

  6. unbelievably beautiful….GORGEOUS couple, GORGEOUS wedding, GORGEOUS pictures. next: GORGEOUS kids!

  7. EXCELLENT work! all the pictures look fabulous! I’m addicted to your wedding shots. I’m almost done looking at all your albums in phanphare 😉

  8. Wow all pictures are soooo GORGEOUS! I am already miss Seattle! 🙂 Tate- GOOD JOB!

  9. Kevin Vrieze Says:

    Looking at this nearly a year later this is a beautiful, insightful, and wonderfully sensitive set of pictures. I wish he’d been there for ours back then. Am thankful he was there for Eden and Chris.

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