Lola Avery has got to be one of the most prettiest babies. I love having such a photogenic baby cousin – she’s just got this real cool vibe to her. She’s all dainty, but you can tell she’ll be a tough cookie when she gets older! I love this set of photos I did of her while shooting the Avery family two weeks ago. Of course, these are only such a few that popped out to me. I was also playing around with the “old time” look so observe a few that are blurry, out of focus, and washed out. Just too cool!













I can’t wait till the next time I shoot Lola.

8 Responses to “LOLA, THE BEAUTIFUL”

  1. She certainly is beautiful! Her mom should send your photos to an agency or something local to model baby clothes. I hope you and Sarah get blessed with a monkey too!

  2. Michelle Ayers Says:

    Beautful shots!!

  3. I love the babies that is photogenic. It makes it so unique and beautiful. She have her dad’s cheekbones and her mom’s features but she look like a granddaugther of mrs.2yea 🙂

  4. wow – such captivating beauty. love the shot of lola grabbing her dad’s head. i really love all the photos – i would have a hard time deciding which photos to frame if I were her mother!

  5. beautiful pictures! you have a beautiful cousin! bless her! =D

  6. beautiful little angel 😉

  7. i ❤ lola catherine avery.

  8. Soo Cute and Sweet 😀

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