Today is the last day of 2008 for all of us and isn’t that just crazy!

I haven’t been able to really sit down and be productive with work because of the holidays, going to Lafayette, doing some more shoots throughout the day, and plans are gearing up to head out to Houston for the Kalinec-Clark wedding festivities this weekend! Crazy.

Guess 2009 won’t be any less crazy?

We were planning on heading out to New Orleans to ring in for the new year but we’re so exhausted with this and that so we just decided to have a low key gettogether here at the house and Brian is going to help me set up the new firepit I got from the DesHotels for Christmas.

Some random New Year’s Resolutions for me (Tate Tullier Photography) are……

1. Carry out some talked about, no action ideas.

a. calendar

b. books (many, but of course – I need to pick one and see how that goes…..)

c. art photography sales

d. cards featuring my work

e. gallery showing? a salon showing? hmmm….

2. To keep on pushing out my creative juices using friends/models for amping up my folio, website, and for marketing purposes.

3. Marketing! Advertising locally…..

4. To be better at organizing my tax stuff, reciepts, and just…. money management issues. I’m ridiculously out of order with all that!

5. A new computer, a new harddrive, a new camera (Tim Kettering has me drooling over his newest purchase!)

6. It really never ends…. to continue to improve, learn more about my camera and editing, and to do the best I can for another year!

Here’s two photos from Ashton and Rebecca’s wedding this past weekend. They hammed it up for two more last photos before taking off in the limo. They’re now in Belize celebrating the new year and their new marriage.



Thank you again everyone for a year full of surprises, success, and never-ending support!

Happy New Year!

Sincerely Yours,

Tate Tullier Photography

2 Responses to “BYE!”

  1. gosh- i love those 2 pixs of the reeds 🙂 they’re exceptionally beautiful, and of course your work is awesome! 🙂

    good resolutions, you know which ones your OCD wife is smiling from ear-to-ear about, the organization ones 🙂 🙂

    good luck and keep up the good work- you amaze me.

  2. try computech designs (225-975-1736–text) for computer building…at cost if I can refer you…and customized the way you want…their work is wonderful for tech stuff
    maybe you could try TNT Salon in Houston…paul mitchell…my BF works there and they use photographers at times…for shows and such in Vegas…if you are interested in getting info, just email…
    Hope you and your lovely wife have a great 2009!

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