Bobby Heart Fireworks

Last Sunday, after a long – exhausting weekend in Lafayette – we had the outtatowners come stay over at our place on Sunday (they had flown in on Christmas Night and played in New Orleans with Jesse Jones). Bobby, Leah, and Adam are bunches of fun. We all met up with Andy and JJ for a lowkey dinner at Chimes (as per usual – we take all new guests there – it’s our freakin’ fave). Apparently, we were all somehow bitten by the party bug and ended up going get some strong ass daquiris at SouthPaws off the Prairieville exit on I-10. After that, Bobby wanted some fireworks – therefore Bobby got some fireworks! We ended up blasting some up in front of our house. Thanks Bobby! We played Outburst for a couple hours and just basically had a “watch Tate get way too drunk” wrap up.

img_5392See Bobby Run. See Fireworks Fire Up.

img_53951See Fireworks Firework.

img_54151My Allergic Lip (notice it’s all upturned) & Friends.

img_5450a1Sarah, Adam, Tate, JJ, Andy, Leah, & Bobby

img_5459A cool awkward shot that I liked.


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