Kerri Kalinec Clark’s Bridals

When we went to Houston earlier in the month of December for the parties for the Kalinec-Clark weekend, I shot Kerri’s bridal portraits in a very cold weather…. around Houston. We had fun regardless of Kerri’s fingers almost falling off.

Isn’t she gorgeous!? Her hair was different after all @ the wedding and the boquet was actually concocted at 10pm the night before from “leftovers” at this cool strip in Houston near downtown with tons of 24 hour service florists! I love the art of making photo shoots happen!

The first one is her favorite (and one of mine too!)












Kerri and I @ Pink’s Pizza (delicious pizza there, whoa!)

More to come! 🙂 (Also, will post Rebecca Jesgar Reed’s bridals soon)


7 Responses to “Kerri Kalinec Clark’s Bridals”

  1. looooooooooove these. my fave is the one w her sitting on her hips, her black shoes showing, her feather headband on her head, etc. 🙂 but they’re ALL soooo chic, high end fashion stuff 🙂

    i LOVE what you did w the rings- KERRI, CHARLES, CLARK. so creative!

  2. beautiful! this is so creative! can’t wait to see more.

  3. ahh.. so gorgeous! i love your dress! my favorite is the doorway silhouette. i’ve always wanted to do a photo like that.

  4. nice! i love how most colors just pop out! love all of her poses, too! 😀

  5. The prettiest bride I’ve ever seen!! Way to capture not only the outer but the inner beauty!

  6. Aunty June Says:

    Very different to what we do in england- but you have captured the love and shere happiness of the bride. The whole experience was wonderful- she is the prettiest bride ever.

  7. Gran & Grandad Says:

    Great photography, but how could he miss with such a beautiful subject?! Granddaughter #1 is so loved, and we hope her life with Charles will be a beautiful journey.

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