Rebecca Jesgar Reed’s Bridals

Sarah and I met up with Rebecca last November to do a quickie session in her wedding dress so she could get one blown up for the reception. We had fun – we met right before the sun was going down around the State Capitol in Baton Rouge then once it got darker (and windier!) we did a couple downtown and @ the Shaw Arts Center. It was a fun time. She ended up going with her hair up for the wedding, but that’s the fun of doing bridals – you can sort of get a feel what you’d look like on your wedding day and can “alter” things for the actual big day. Hair up or down – Rebecca is a stunning lady.

(P.S. – Thanks to my wife, Sarah, for all the assisting when she’s able to!)




img_65211Here’s Rebecca getting primped by Sarah.


img_5934Sarah got this cool shot of me shooting the below shot of Rebecca!



img_6663This one is my fave!




img_6004Rebecca grew up in Missouri……

img_6015-copy….. and now bleeds Louisiana blood!

img_6734aLoved this one of Sarah and Rebecca (Sarah was one of her bridesmaids).




img_6902It’s a wrap!

Thanks Rebecca for choosing me to do the wedding and all of it!


15 Responses to “Rebecca Jesgar Reed’s Bridals”

  1. gosh she’s gorgeous! i absolutely love her hair. love the one of her on the bench. just too cool!

  2. Julie Reese Says:

    woooooooooooooooow! one of the best wedding portrait work pieces I’ve seen thus far! 🙂

  3. Dress+jewlery=GORGEOUS!!!!

    Color pics+blackand white pics= BEAUTIFULLY!!!!

    Sarah+Tate=Perfect helper(Sarah) and Perfect photographer(Tate)

    U passed!!!!!!!! A PLUS!!!!!!!!

  4. She’s gorgeous!! Love the shot w the art background!

  5. these were good and fun bridal photos of rebecca! 😉

  6. your wife Says:

    SIGH, so beautiful. she was even more beautiful on her wedding day IF thats even possible probably because she was happy with her husband beside her ❤

  7. Which one got blown up for the reception?

  8. Duh me. I hit submit before I could say: they’re gorgeous. The first one with the watery reflection is my fave.

  9. Gorgeous! One of best works I’ve seen you done.

  10. LOVE these pictures, but how could you get a bad one with Rebecca!!! She is always gorgeous! Ohhhh and she got to wear heels with her bridal shots!

  11. john lefman Says:

    just move – California Republic.

  12. john lefman Says:

    Seriously, the last photo (its a wrap) reminds me of the old ’80s photos of the legendary skateboarder by the name of Christian Hosoi (the ones taken during sunset with a strong flash).

    I know you dont like flashed photos but they sometimes rock during sunsets. They give that “I wish I was there” feeling…


  13. john lefman Says:

    just in case if you dont know what the fcuk I am talking about:

  14. very very gorgeous!! really loved all the shots. 🙂

  15. Wow she was/is a stunning bride! Seriously Tate these photos ROCK!

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