Dillon Day Senior Portraits

In November of last year, I got to do my cousin’s (my dad’s brother’s daughter’s son) senior portraits. That was a bit strange because…. he’s already a senior. Where did time fly? Dillon is graduating this May and will be off to play baseball for a university in Mississippi (or was it Alabama?) so he’s destined for great things.

I love senior portraits. It’s a foundation for me to get really creative with and I’m always looking for ways to not have the typical studio portrait photo that we all feel obligated to get. Why? Photos should be interesting and something to really appreciate! There are so many ways you can capture the essence of an individual on how they “look” at that stage of their life, why does it have to be in one way? Break the rules!!!







6 Responses to “Dillon Day Senior Portraits”

  1. That’s pretty different, I like them a lot though. Mine were all studio pics, what a bummer!

  2. Aja – all of mine were studio photos too. Studio photography is fine if it’s your taste but I just think that in general, it’s easier to capture a senior at such a defining moment in their lives if you’re able to let them run free and kind of apply THAT to their portraits. I should scan my senior photos by Tim Babin and post them up here!

  3. your wife Says:

    omg. hes so big now. i mean as in old. LOL
    great pixs, GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  4. i loooove the one of dillon pitching. great pics!

  5. i love the pitching one! you do a lot of senior portraits?

  6. Hope you will be available when my kid is a senior! That’s like 8 years from now! Great work, as usual : )

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