Updated Schedule for 2009!

Here’s my updated schedule for this year with confirmed trips.

As of now, three new weddings have been added (see pink) and I have three more in the finalizing stages.


If you’re interested in having me photograph your wedding, please do contact me ASAP so we can talk details!

This coming weekend, I’m off to shoot Barbi and Kris’s wedding in Mississippi and it’s also a special time in my life – it’s me and Sarah’s 5th year anniversary! I can’t believe five years of marriage have flown by just like that *snaps fingers*.

In honor of our 5 years, here are some of our wedding photographs taken by Johnny Chauvin.








The good ‘ole days. I wish I had Tim Kettering shoot my wedding back then!!! Or Hui, Or Cat, or Muck…… Or even myself?!?!? πŸ™‚


30 Responses to “Updated Schedule for 2009!”

  1. so sweet – y’all looked sooo good. Happy anniversary!!!! May your day be a great one. πŸ™‚ xoxo

  2. so, still no kids???

  3. Any chance when u will return to Houston, TX ? let me know.. during the year 2009.. would like to have photography by you in the fall..

  4. Also happy Anniversary!

  5. happy anniversary!!!!

  6. Michelle Ayers Says:

    Happy Anniversary to you guys!!

  7. Michelle Ayers Says:

    You guys looked great and I love love Sarah’s bouquet.

  8. HaPPYYYYYYYYYY Cinco ANNiVeRSaRYYYYYYYYYY!!!! May many many more bring you both good fortune!

    ^_^ RoCK on Sarah & Tate! ^_^


  9. Happy 5th Anniversary!!!

  10. made me blush! thanks for the compliment. its funny cos yesterday i was wondering about your wedding photos. they are beautiful shots… i loveee the one of you looking down at sarah. happy anniversary to two beautiful people and one beautiful connection. btw, tim just took pictures of me and man, he rocks! im still waiting for YOU to come to town and do us.

  11. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your fullfilled happiness weekend.


  13. Oh my gosh! Sarah was/is a beautiful bride! Tate, u were/are a handsome groom πŸ™‚
    Happy Anniversary!

  14. What a sweet wedding! Where did you came up with the idea for fur bridesmaids?

  15. clint picard Says:

    happy anniversary to u and sarah!

  16. What a beautiful pix of yall!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  17. You’re coming here! I know a lot of people have been anxious to have you come here!

    (Off point – everyone misspells Faribault – FaRI, not FaIR. πŸ˜‰ )

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Five years is a big deal!

  18. Happy beautiful 5 year anniversary. I dk that yall were married on 2004. Jorel and I got married in 2003 and it will be 6 years on Jan 31.. Weddingslashbirthday combo day for us.

    Looking at those pictures is so beautiful.. I love all the bridesmaid dress and loved S’s dress. Will you guys do renewal of vows for 10 years? We will be doing that and we want you as our photographer. We will have a big renewal with familia and friends that is for 2013. πŸ™‚

  19. Stephanie Says:

    Beautiful photos of the wedding! Happy Anniversary and make it a special one!

  20. Jasmine Garcia Says:

    Happy Anniversary! hugs

  21. WOW! Beautiful picture Tate and Sarah! Happy Anniversary!!

  22. Brooke Budzinski Says:

    You both always look great-Happy Anniversary!!

  23. Happy Anniversary!! Your photos were beautiful, but I guess it’s because of the beautiful people in them! Congrats, and here’s to a lifetime to go!

  24. everytime i think of you two or see pics of you two, i gush with hearts fer ya two. mushy, i know.

    but happy anniversary & i ((mwah)) you!


  25. Awesome! you both looked like a prince and princess in england. now that i wished i knew you way long time ago and knew i will feel so heaven in your wedding, smile! glad i met you both at zebra’s wedding! thanks for sharing and happy hearty day to you both!

  26. Happy Anniversary to you both!! your photos were so awesome beautiful. πŸ™‚

  27. Amanda Parker Says:

    Happy Anniversary. *Cheers*

  28. Andrea D'agostino Says:

    Happy anniversary!!!

  29. Aw! What a gorgeous married couple of 5 years anniversary. Congrats! I’d love to meet you both. πŸ˜‰

  30. Wow Beautiful Wedding of Sarah & Tate πŸ˜€ Love the pictures!!!

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