Updated Schedule for 2009 & More KKProjects coming soon…..

Here is my latest update on my travel/wedding plans for this year that seems to be going by way to fast already!


Also, some fun news – There will be a group of us renting out a house in New Orleans from February 20-24th to stay out there throughout the entire Mardi Gras festivities at its prime. Check out these photos of the house we booked!




Isn’t it such a kick ass place! 🙂 We can’t wait to live it up there and especially in Karolena’s place (she’s the lovely owner).

Also, yesterday I announced I was working on creating a book. People started emailing me and asking when it would come out and what kind???

I’m not sure when I’d come out with the final publication but it will be a book of my compiled works from the recent years. It’s not a biography on my life. I’ll wait another 20 years before I do something like that with more life exprience under my wing.

I’m having fun working on it though. I think I have a name I like, but many say to just put “Tate” but… blah….

You all have a great day and the weekend is coming around…… we’ll be attending a “pig roast” at The Brickyard in New Orleans to celebrate the “wrap up” of the international art festival, Prospect 1.

To recall – here’s some photos from the event that Sarah, Brooke, and I attended last Halloween at the Brickyard.


Brooke, Sarah, and Me!




Kirsha socializing with guests in town!


The ever so fabulous Kirsha and me.


Me with crazy cool artist Louise Riley (from London (in middle)) and her friend.


Arthur III, Katherine Bray & I.



Words from the email I got shown below!

OK Let’s Celebrate!

Join us night + day as we celebrate the closing of the New Orleans Biennial Exhibitions at KKProjects.
Saturday, 17 January 2009  |  Afternoon – Sunrise

a closing celebration in 2 parts + morning beignets:

Part One
2pm – 6pm
Greet Sunset
An Afternoon Pig Roast in The Brickyard
Cochon Ball: A Pig Field Folley | Alisoun Meehan, Lars Kremer, Chef Donald Link + special guests
Driftwood Bonfires, Wild Gaming, The Strange Hot Tub + Horse Shoes
KKProjects The Brickyard | 3000 Chartres Street bet. Montegut + Clouet in the Bywater

Part Two
7pm –
Greet Dawn
A Beautiful Evening at KKProjects St Rock
fire-roasted marshmallows down the street
James Singleton + improvisational music w/ friends
Alan Walter’s Revitalizing Hand Pressed Herbal Tonics
cherries dipped in salted chocolate + mushroom by Pink Taco
KKProjects St Roch | 2448 n villere street bet. music + arts new orleans 70117

Sunday Morn
Jan 18, 9am for awhile
Let’s meet at Cafe Du Monde!
For Beignets + Cafe au Lait in honor of Brian Guidry’s installation on the Mississippi River
An Unannounced Take Over of the Famous French Quarter Cafe (800 decatur street)


3 Responses to “Updated Schedule for 2009 & More KKProjects coming soon…..”

  1. omigosh how do you know Arthur III???
    he went to college with a bunch of us — me and michelle (jerrel’s date to the le wedding). what a SMALL world!

  2. wow that sounds like so much fun, all these stuff you just mentioned! Sometimes I wish we live in Nawlins. lovely photos!

  3. you best be putting us down on that schedule for February 1st in Denham Springs, LA, or I will have your head!

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