With today being Martin Luther King Day AND tomorrow’s Inauguration with Barack Obama becoming our next president – I couldn’t help but want to make this blog all about Black Love!

I am so excited about Obama’s reign as our next President. I’m just so ready to see how things will work under his guidance. It gives me goosebumps to only imagine what MLK would say if he were still alive! It’s like us getting a DEAF president one day, if that happens – I will certainly cry because the day that happens – deafness will be accepted as a whole (or to the most point!).

Here are some shots I did of Cruz while we were in New Orleans over the NAD week. I randomly asked him and another guy to do a shoot in their hotel room, so we did. I got some really raw, sexy shots. You just know how some people have “that natural” thing. Cruz has it.

Check out the photos and breathe in the love tomorrow night! I can’t wait for Obama to prove everyone who was so against him WRONG!








One Response to “BLACK LOVE”

  1. He’s Fine!!! Lolzzzzz

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