A dear friend, Rose, came over this past Sunday (and she even brought us dinner!) to do her pregnancy photos with Violet in her tummy.

Here is one shot in three different versions – I just loved it.





10 Responses to “TATE SHOT ROSE & VIOLET”

  1. your wife Says:

    shes gorgeous, i cant wait to see how gorgeous violet is AND your work allllways amazes me!!!!!!! good job! i cant wait til everyone else sees the REST.. OMG!

  2. Wow, just awesome!! Where were you when I was pregnant with my kids?? I would have LOVED to do something like this! Just gorgeous!!!

  3. love how you used the violet color in the tub! she’s gorgeous!

  4. Michelle Ayers Says:

    gorgeous!! love the violet water!

  5. Tate, this is perfect .. I love the background and man -she’s gorgeous .. and yes she got that glow .. I love the tub and the flowers.. beautiful !

  6. oh WOW!!!!! i lovelovelove the style …. gosh, whenever i get pregnant, i am buying myself a ticket over to LA, JUST to get a bathtub picture, ha! (well your tubs a lot more appealing than our nyc tub, wink)

    those pictures are gorgeous, rose is just beautiful and love the roses/violets …. gorgeous!

  7. awesome. gorgeous. BEYOND WORDS BEAUTIFUL. rose is too beautiful for words. that almost made me want to get pregnant ;P
    tate, you shot a beautiful one. really.. :}

  8. Rose is just beautiful! What a creative and appropriate color and flower combination. You always seem to come up with thoughtful poses–this one really rocks!

  9. These pictures are beautiful! I love the ones of Zebra that you took with her in the tub too!
    You need to convince Ashlie to jump in the tub for photos too!

  10. Hello Tate!
    Your work is absolutely BEAUTIFUL….when will you be in Louisiana again? I’d love to have you take pics of me, Sam and Sarah.

    I hope you haven’t forgotten us. Please tell your Sarah that my Sarah ended up going back to LSD after all. We tried St. Lukes and they kicked her out after the first half of the year. So she went to Broadmoor for the remainder of 4th and 5th grade. After that, we tried Sherwood Middle Magnet (she didn’t make the grades to stay)….so mid year of 6th grade, she went back….seems to be happy as a clam….she “fits in” better here than anywhere else. But you also have to remember….Sarah is just different from other kids. If you were around her enough, you’d know what I mean.
    Keep in touch! : ) Kate

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