The Reed Wrap Up!

I’m almost done editing the Reed wedding! I’m in the middle of the reception photos then it’ll be onto the Kerri/Charles wedding to finish up that as well.

Here are some ceremony photos from Ashton & Rebecca’s wedding!














They were just a beautiful couple to photograph! Church weddings are getting a bad rap these days for being too long, too dull, and flat out too boring (even I didn’t want to get married in one, but that’s only because of my style) BUT those who do get married in the church – it always provides such a gorgeous background. The simplicity of its surroundings, and depending on where – all the religious stuff is always so beautiful to me and I love to inlcude it in photographs. This church in Lafayette was a Catholic Church but their wedding had a bit Jewish twist to it for Rebecca’s upbringing and her family. It was just perfect and no…. it wasn’t TOO long! (Ours was an hour and half – Oy Vey – THAT is too long!)

Don’t forget to check out my main Tate Tullier photography site. I’ve been updating some photos. I also changed around the categories to now where it’s got THREE (Weddings, People, and “Life is Art”) with subcategories!

Have a great Thursday. This week just flew by TO fast for my taste.

One Response to “The Reed Wrap Up!”

  1. the bride was just beautiful!!! excellent lens you got, tate.

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