TTP unveils TateTullierProofs!

I have been bullshitting around paying for this new addition to my “photography” stuff for a few months and doing nothing about it. I finally got myself a really nice proof viewing website. It’s all still got so much work but I am such an idiot when it comes to this kind of setup stuff so it’ll take me ages to finalize everything.

This is just for viewing photos for you as soon as I AM done with them and for clients to get a quick look while waiting to get their CD in the mail!

I am excited about improving my services day by day. I think this website gives a much cleaner look for my photographs than my Phanfare site. It’s easy to navigate and for clients who have personal sessions – I can put a password in on your folio if requested.

Enjoy the Ashton & Rebecca Wedding photos at this site – they mark my first wedding uploaded onto the site.


Eventually this proofviewing site will be linked to my main site at Tate Tullier Photography.

Have a great weekend!!!! I’m starting my 31st birthday celebration all weekend (it’s not till the 27th, but who the hell cares!)


One Response to “TTP unveils TateTullierProofs!”

  1. Kerri Clark Says:

    Whoo! So this is what you’ve been talking about – can’t wait! HAVE A GREEEEEAAATTT bday weekend!

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