Here is a Xmas card from the Avery’s (Lola, my baby cousin – the cutest thing in the world!)

This is the front of the card….


This is in the inside as well –


This is in the local society magazine – Haley and John – who I did last May had a excerpt printed in it with my photo from their wedding day. They credited me! (So many just don’t!!!)

This is the cover of the magazine – I WISH my photo made it!


Here’s the photo inside with Haley and John!



4 Responses to “SOME TTP PRINTED…..”

  1. kerri clark Says:

    wow!!!!!!! you made it!

  2. kerri clark Says:

    oh yes, one day….one day your photo will be on the front cover….

  3. kerri clark Says:

    oh yes, lola is really photogenic….she has to be so much fun to take pics of!

  4. Lola is absolutely adorable!
    Like Kerri says, your photos will soon be on the cover!

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