I love Jodi James. She’s just a cool friend to have and we don’t get to hang alot, but when we do – it’s always a pleasure!

Jodi is working on getting her first CD out and did a shoot with me for some possible works for her CD/promotions. I’m a pest and keep pushing her to go for it, in many ways. I convinced her to sign up for Facebook to promote her music.

Bottom line, Jodi loves creating and I love people who love to create. You can check out some of her music at her myspace page by clicking onto the photos.





JJ has impeccable taste in interior design too and her fashion style just screams her.

Good luck to Jodi James!


6 Responses to “TATE SHOT JODI JAMES”

  1. your wife Says:

    she rocks. i really adore her. and i love how y’all mix well.

  2. jodi james Says:

    tate, you are the best!! i had so much fun yesterday! you’re such a great artist and even better friend! *muah*

  3. Tate, your photos of her made her soul shine like the morning’s sunshine! Great work! BRAVO!

  4. Tate you are the best! I just love everything you do. Oh! by the way who is the make-up artist? Lookin good Ms. Jodi!

  5. Top one should be the album cover

  6. third one should be the inside cover [with credits šŸ˜‰ ] sorry for the staggerd thoughts.

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