Sydnee – a St. Amant Senior

Sydnee is the younger sister of the set of twins, Sherri & Shawn, that I went to high school with. They joined Sydnee on her senior portrait shoot which took place mostly around downtown Baton Rouge near the State Capitol. We had a ball and got some really cool shots. It was nice seeing the S twins again after such a long time.

Enjoy a few of my favorites out of her set!













11 Responses to “Sydnee – a St. Amant Senior”

  1. Jeff Viguers Says:

    God, you’re so good. 🙂

  2. WOW!!! i LOVE these, theyre UNIQUE senior portraits!

  3. beautiful shots! love it. wish my senior pictures were as awesome as those shots!

  4. kerri clark Says:

    wish my senior photos were that NICE!!!

  5. Melissa Burton Bourgeois Says:

    Nice pictures! She is so beautiful. Still remember picking her up from daycare!!! I would like to retake my senior pictures with you:)

  6. she is gorgeous! i second kerri that i wish my senior photos were that nicd!!! =)

  7. These are beautiful! I love the black and whites, and my favorite one is the color one, with her hair down over one eye.

  8. These are beautiful! My fave is the close up.

  9. Great job, Tate! She’s really a pretty girl; looks a lot like her sisters who are also beautiful young ladies. I saw Shawn at Mass Sunday and she said how much fun y’all had. I have several favorites–the bridge, the closeup with eye covered, and the closeup with the green branch in front. Really nice stuff!!

  10. Which picture did she pick out for the yearbook? My personal favorite? The railroad tracks.

  11. No idea what she’ll choose! She just got them the other day so not sure if it’s too late to use one of them for the yearbook (deadline, who knows?). I’d love it if my photos took over the school yearbook!

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