Julia Dameron Shot Me

When I was in Los Angeles last summer, Julia asked me if I’d be willing to be a subject for her to experiment and play around with her photography skils. Of course, I didn’t mind! I don’t have the best body, but I certainly pride myself in having confidence. We had lots of fun. She’s an old friend from Gallaudet (I acted in one of her student films) and we’ve kept in touch off and on since those college days via friends and movie sets (Mosdeux).

Here are two of the shots she sent me that she did. I “edited” my fat rolls (hey, if I edit yours – you bet surely, I’ll edit my own!) but I think they’re kick ass and so interesting. She said she always viewed me as someone who was so in touch with my softer side (feminine and whatnot) so she wanted to do a “two face” concept with me and also do some of me with what makes me ME, with my camera.

I had fun doing the shoot and Julia, thanks for the cool photos.



Funnily, after viewing these photos – you can tell Miss Dameron has a bit of a twisted mind. I love twisted minds. Look at her movie poster for the upcoming movie – GLEE – that she directed for her senior thesis at film school.

I love how it came out!


Poster Art by Miguel Lantigua

Now after seeing the poster – don’t I look like a character that could be in this film?

You can see more about Julia Dameron at her website.

2 Responses to “Julia Dameron Shot Me”

  1. OMGGGGG sooo creeeeepy but i love the idea!! good job y’all!!!

  2. This is amazing. I like this kind of pictures, something different and raw. Julia did a great job taking pictures of Tate. Tate did fanastic doing his poses. So cool!.

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