Updated Sked – AUSTIN/DC/COLORADO/Weddings


Here are a few random photos I found while digging for certain stuff!




I love my family(ies).

10 Responses to “Updated Sked – AUSTIN/DC/COLORADO/Weddings”

  1. kerri clark Says:

    wow!!! 14 weddings?? Congrats!! You’re definitely very busy this year! 🙂 That’s a really goooood sign.

    Jennifer is shy to announce the name of her fiance? Heh! 😉

  2. kerri clark Says:

    love the pics!

  3. haha, no – I can’t recall his name so am waiting for her to get back to me then will add it along with the “city” name where they’re getting hitched.

    Actually – 16 except that two are done (yours and the mississippi one on my anniversary weekend!)

  4. Michelle Ayers Says:

    Hey!!!! You will be in DC for my birthday!!!! April 13th!! I would love love love it if you could come to Fredericksburg VA which is only an hour south of DC and we can go out to dinner or something. Itd be awesome to celebrate my birthday with you. Do you have any free time? It does not have to be on the 13th!

    Let me know!!!

  5. Hey Tate….count us in for a session when you’re in DC!! A Sunday, if you can….Saturday afternoon is ok, too~!

  6. Debra Suzanne Garner Says:

    I saw ur schedule that u will go to Wash Dc on April 10 to 20 .. is that possible can u take pix of my family in wdc or md ?

  7. kerri clark Says:

    16? verrrrry awesome. 🙂 hope your anniversary weekend was LOVELY!!

  8. That’d be wonderful if you come up to Colorado in May.. be sure to let us know!! We’d love to see you, perhaps get photo shoots taken as well.

    Congratulations on booking more weddings, you’ve done outstanding job!!

  9. And if Sarah can come to Colorado as well, it’d be great seeing her again while we had brief time in Texas few years ago!

  10. Whoopee! Its official! I love it and can’t wait – a whole wide weekend! x

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