Jodi James – This Fire

I had posted a few quick shots I edited a week or so ago of my friend, Jodi James, who is working on making her CD, This Fire. I’ve seen some of the lyrics written out and they’re just powerful songs.

Here are some more shots/outtakes from our shoot. Amber Carmouche LeBlanc came by after work (she’s a hairdresser) to do Jodi’s makeup. It just looked fantastic! THANKS AMBER!


img_3058Jodi James, Amber Carmouche LeBlanc, and me.








Like my mock CD cover?

I’m so ready for her to be able to get her CD out there!

Again, you can listen to her music/get the lyrics @ her myspace page –


8 Responses to “Jodi James – This Fire”

  1. WoW. im speechless.

  2. very unique & rad! ;D

  3. bryan chan Says:

    i think that jodi is hot and pretty! she have a beautiful mouth and eyes!

  4. great photos Tate. Jodi you look great!

  5. awesome.. can totally see you doing album covers after this.. 🙂

  6. amazing…..she is beautiful. Great job!

  7. i want her haircut, dammit.

  8. Judy Johnson Says:

    Jodi’s heart…captured in these images…fabulous!

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