Who Cares If I’m Deaf…….

While taking a hot bath, I was looking at my burnt thumb (I burnt it on a hot plate of steak fajitas at a Casa Maria Mexican restaurant last night) and had a random thought….. “who cares if I’m Deaf, my thumb is burnt!”


I’ve been really trying to think of an interesting art project related to deafness and whatnot. That’s it! I will try to create a series of photos over time that relate to my life and being Deaf in it. I can always see all those “empathetic eyes” looking at me in this hearing run world and it just annoys me.


I almost burnt my fucking thumb off! Who cares if I’m deaf !?


“who cares if i’m Deaf, my thumb is burnt!”

So of course, the next thing – I’m looking into the mirror after getting out the tub.

I see a pimple (FYI – I rarely get them!) and I’m like, “who cares if i’m Deaf, i have a pimple on my face!”

hence the following photograph……

deafpimple“who cares if i’m Deaf, i have a pimple on my face!”

This art project is going to be interesting. I look forward to sharing. I want these occaisons to happen randomly, and not be “overthought” so patience is a virtue in this adventure!

Have a great day!

18 Responses to “Who Cares If I’m Deaf…….”

  1. Pimple aside, your green eyes look absolutely amazing in this picture. I look forward to seeing how this project turns out – I think it’s a great idea. There’s too much emphasis on “deafness” embodying a person and not enough on the other things that make up who we are.

  2. Ah ha!!! Def a cool idea!! Looking fwd to seein more!

  3. Everyone has flaws… Who cares? πŸ™‚ I like your thoughts, thinkings… Go for it, the new project! πŸ™‚

  4. Who cares if I can hear–my knee is really swollen and achy. Will I be able to play tennis on Monday night?

  5. FANTASTIC PROJECT!!! I can’t wait to see what more comes out of this.

  6. Definitely a great idea!

  7. Mom – unfortunately – people don’t look at you as a “oh that poor hearing woman” so that empathy towards you from an individual would be straight to the knee. Unless, people look at you “oh that poor woman has a Deaf son” then you CAN say “who cares if i’m the mother of a Deaf son, my knee is really swollen and achy. will i be able to play tennis on monday night?”

  8. Michelle Ayers Says:

    love it!!

  9. I love it! I hate getting those looks! Rock on!

  10. Thumbs up! Who cares if we’re deaf, we’re happy.

    Your green eyes are cool. I love green. πŸ™‚

  11. Sophie-Shifra Says:

    your comments are so true and soulful! We are all blessed by God with our own interesting stuff to tell on our faces and eyes! πŸ™‚

  12. Tate–

    You are ingenious!

  13. Ha ha ha, who cares about pimple?

  14. gosh, you & your Mom, gotta love it!


  15. haha! you’re such a SPARK!

  16. Look forward to seeing your new project unfold! As a parent of a deaf child and a CODA, I know all too well the look you describe! When my Kylie was a chubby little 3 year old with platinum blonde curls chattering away in ASL to me in line at the store one day, I got that look accompanied with a comment that went something like, “She may be deaf, but my goodness she is beautiful!” This guy thought he was complimenting me, but it really ticked me off!

  17. I don’t get it. What’s wrong with being Deaf?
    The world is 95% noise. The only thing I think I would miss is music.
    Hearing birds doesn’t do much for me. Hearing what most idiots babble on about wouldn’t be missed.
    Sign language is the most expressive beautiful language I have ever
    heard or seen.
    Would I tarde being able to hear for the talent to sign like some of my Deaf friends and family do?
    Probably not but maybe. I hurt my ears 35 years ago and they have been ringing loud ever since. I’m just used to it.
    Hearing world. Deaf world. Blind world. Drunk world. You name it we all have something. Would u tarde your hearing for a billion dollars?
    Thanks for letting me ramble on I can’t sleep.

  18. Who cares if you’re Deaf, This blog is HILARIOUS!

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