Rose & Violet Photos!

I finally finished Rose’s pregnancy photos. You were able to view a few selected ones on previous entries but here are the rest of my favorites out of the bunch.

This shoot was perfect to play with the coloring of the violet tone, which is pretty obvious!

Rose, Thanks so much for putting this special shoot into my hands. I’m always flattered when a pregnant woman allows me to do her photos because it’s such a special moment in her life.















img_2740This last photo is my favorite!!!!


13 Responses to “Rose & Violet Photos!”

  1. beautiful & gorgeous!!! 😀 for sure violet will be as beautiful as her mommy 🙂

  2. kerri clark Says:

    love it!!!

  3. She’s gorgeous mom to be! Looks like around 8 months old pregnancy. You did an excellent job at shooting, Tate! I’m proud of you. I really enjoyed viewing your photos everyday you share with me and others as well. 😉


    Julie Childers

  4. Amazing photos Tate!

  5. Beautiful and fabulous pictures, lovelovelove them all, esp the last one. She’s gorgeous and glowing mommy-to-be. Violet is going to be a beautiful girl! :o)

  6. Awesome! I want more pictures of pregancy mothers andyou did awesome job! Looking forward to more.

  7. Michelle Ayers Says:

    gorgeous and radiant mom to be!!

  8. Great job! I love her shoes! ❤

  9. Great pics Tate…but what ana easy subject to shoot. Rose is a lovely young woman, inside and out. I wish only joy and happiness for her with the last few weeks of confinement and that Violet is a clone of her.

  10. Oh my goodness! These are fantastic! Rose is so gorgeous–all the time. She’s going to be a great mom.

    Your house photographs beautifully. Lucky you to have such a great location–and it’s yours!

  11. Gorgeous! You always do a fab job with pregnant ladies. I live that milk in a wine glass! Classy!

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  13. I hope that wasn’t alcohol.

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