Mama Emily & Baby Brooks

Right now, I’m on a baby roll as it seems with work! I’m currently working on Emily & Brooks shoot from two Fridays ago. They’re coming out really cute.

They came to our house to do the shoot so we got some sweet shots.




Look at Brooks tongue! Isn’t that the cutest thing?


I love crying baby shots.


I thought this one of SoHo just watching over was cute.


6 Responses to “Mama Emily & Baby Brooks”

  1. no wonder mik’s in love w that child. i think i am too- already. i need to meet him!!!!! hes a handsome lil one! 🙂 good pixs!!!!! the colors, the features, etc. love it!

  2. Oh this is a tease!! I can’t wait to see the others of my lil man. As always, you deliver awesome work!

  3. beautiful mama. beautiful boy!

    and can’t wait to see pics of SoHo watching over a Tullier baby someday! ;p

  4. Omg, I love it!! He is so precious.

  5. Randy Tullier Says:

    What a great profile in the first shot. And yes, I agree with Shilpa, Brooks has a beautiful Mom. I got to see them all that day, His Aunt Miquel was smothering him with Love. Aunt Betsy and Grandmother Pam were also there.

  6. i love the little flirt bib, so cute so cute! LOL. ah such an adorable-looking baby!

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