Rosangela & Kids

Rosangela was a sweet client I had last summer in California. She was visiting family/friends there in the LA area while I was in town doing photo sessions.

We got some really colorful gorgeous shots of her and her two boys. She sent me a snapshot of what she has done with them (I love seeing what people do with my photographs!!! Send yours!). Also, she created this cool book using the photos through her scrapbooking organization.



Thanks Rosangela for the business and the snapshots! It looks great!


3 Responses to “Rosangela & Kids”

  1. i LOVE seeing what your clients do, too!!!! 🙂 looks great!

  2. Cute! I should show u mine with your photos, since now I finally have a camera. Yes I got a Canon rebel xsi e03 450D! I love it!

  3. WOW! What a surprise! More than happy to share the pixs with you!
    I look forward to have you take pixs of us again!

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