mardi gras came and went

Wow, talk about a whirlwind week!

Sho flew in Wednesday, Ricky/Dusti/Gloria flew in Friday evening, New Orleans straight for 4 days, and now everyone’s gone. Brooke, Brian, Andy, JJ, Drew, Mandaree, Laurence, Jess, Susannah, Craig, & others – here and there – played around town!

It was a great time. We’re back home (I return tomorrow to meet Karolena and grab a few things) and we’re tired. Very tired!

Here are a few photos to enjoy – will do some more blogs later!

Happy Mardi Gras!!!






Notice the introduction of Sarah’s new “photo stamp” designed by Kerri Kalinec Designs!


Gloria got this great one of Sarah and I dancing on Bourbon Street!

More to come. As for now, I’m going rest! Tomorrow, I’ve got to finalize things for Austin – get some scheduling for DC organized, and this and that!!!

Night, m’friends. The Good Times certainly did roll!


7 Responses to “mardi gras came and went”

  1. good times, indeed.

  2. lovelove the feather eyelashes! 😉

    great pics! hurrry with more!

  3. Those pics are gorgeous esp with your wife . she’s a stunning one. You looked like you had great time. Im envy!

  4. really RAD!! 😀 the shots are very colorful, bright, & fun!

  5. LOVE:
    Sarah’s black top in 4th pic!
    Sarah’s new stamp!
    The whole Mardi Gras thing!

    My hope is to go to MG someday to experience it! =)

  6. love sarah’s whole outfit!

  7. kerri clark Says:

    love them all! looks very FESTIVE!

    everyone looked GREAT! love sarah’s eyelashes! 😉

    love the new stamp!!

    love everything!!

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