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Los Angeles!

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I’m doing a last minute trip out to Los Angeles, California this afternoon to shoot a “mini” thing on me/my work/etc for the Purple campaign they’re running this year on specific people. It’s an honor, but of course it comes in the midst of a crazy week with taxes & my DC trip this coming Friday.

I’ll be staying with Shoshannah again so it’ll be nice to play catch up with her & Ricky again (they were just here a month ago for Mardi Gras!).

Here’s a shot from the shoot I did with Sho while she was in Louisiana – I love it. I put it up on my website!


Anyhoo – I’ll be surviving it! As for the DC peeps – I still have to figure out locations and whatnot for several of you so will be working on that this week as well. I look forward to it!

Have a great week!



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I was attempting to clean out more files off my harddrive. I already agree that I’m being an idiot. A cheap idiot. I should just go and buy 100 freaking external harddrives so I wouldn’t waste time doing this, because when I do this – I get way sidetracked and come across old photos, which I want to “re-edit” with all the tricks I’ve learned over the years, and of course (I know I’m having a bad case of runon sentence diarrhea here) the next thing I want to do is get them all resized and prepped to show on this blogsite so you can join me on the flashback LOVE!

This was in December of 2004. A month or so after Timmy Kettering let me check out HIS 20D (I swear, what he buys – I don’t even question – I just buy) – I zoomed off to the store to plop down my non-earning income on that piece of art. Of course, you know when you have a new toy – it’s just impossible to actually read the freakin’ pamphlet it comes with (and if you do, you’re a freak!!!)……. so here are some shots I did with my first ever digital SLR!

Ah, memories. I remember at that time – Sarah and I had just decided to move to NEW YORK CITY and I was so sure with that 20D – I was going to become over-famous and have the world knocking (or flashing my DEAF doorbell) on my door with the instance that they MUST have me work for them. HA! NYC bitch slapped me.

first1I used to stalk Sarah everytime she was getting ready for a night out on the town. Now, I feel like I’m just always so busy and she has to come get me (all dressed up) and say, “let’s go…” I miss the little moments.

first2Um. don’t ASK me why I thought her pretty hand with her 1 year old ring (this was 2004!) and the boudin would be a nice cominbaton. That boudin is UGLY, but so freaking delicious!

first3This is at Sarah’s parents home – on the second floor. It’s their 70’s room (office/hangout). I really want that yellow couch – it would look absolutely fantastic in our living room!

first4This was right after I bought the camera. I like how the orange lines (reflector/heat lines/whatever they are) look in this shot. A bit weird.

first5My love affair of self portraits – it just continues.

first6Just a shadow shot I thought looked cool.

first7I really was just taking photos of everything/anything! It obviously even got to the point where I did this – placed Sarah’s green shirt on the green carpet, and put my green pant-ed leg with the green photo. It’s a bit borderline erotic for you feet people, silk people, or if you’re really get turned on by the color green… have a go at it. Be my guest. Moan.

first8This is us in December 2004 @ an Xmas party @ Mindy & Jeremy’s home. We look young!

and thin.

first9I hated this shot back then but with my editing skills I know now – I LOVE it!!!!!!

Rebecca Jesgar Reed – Rock it!

Man, and you wonder why I’m always so overwhelmed with crap to do. I haven’t even done my tax shit.



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Here are some photos of the absolutely stunning Fabeyana!













Senior Portraits of Andre

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Here are some cool shots I got of Andre last week for his senior photo session!







Tate & Sarah Photoshop’ed

Posted in art, tate&sarah on March 20, 2009 by tatephoto

I usually hate photoshop artwork, but here I go with one of my own.  Here’s a set I compiled from some photos we did via the Photobooth.


Meghan, Tommy, & Baby Elise

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I did a session with this family of three who were nothing but smiles! Baby Elise had a cute personality where it was evident what she was “feeling at the moment” so I loved that!

Here are some shots from that session shot around LSU campus.






Thanks to the three of you for a fun shoot!

Billy Steeves – Instinct

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I was browsing friends via Facebook and I noticed one that I befriended last summer in NYC while I was doing those half naked men shoots for the online version of DNA magazine was on the cover of the new Instinct. Billy Steeves, Congrats! Billy is actually a full time nurse at one of the hospitals in New York City and does modeling on the side. There’s an interview in the magazine as well.

Here’s his cover for Instinct.


Here’s a review of some shots I did of Mr. Steeves last summer for DNA.








Congrats again Billy! Best of luck to whatever else you accomplish in life.