Tate in Austin

Right now, I’m in Austin. I’m actually – surprisingly – staying in tonight instead of going party on 6th street. I think I’m just worn out from the Mardi Gras events that took place last weekend and then last night’s bachelor party. I’m not 21 anymore, I’m 31. No worries, I’m not joining Grandpa club anytime soon though!

I’ve done four sessions with different people yesterday and today, and have one more tomorrow morning. I love doing this because it gets me to see different areas that I probably wouldn’t have seen if not for clients who choose cool places.

I have a couple Austin shots, but I haven’t worked on any of them. I did work on this self portrait I did under a streetlight just a few hours ago. I think it came out really cool, and it’s different from my usual work.


I’m looking forward to watching Elisa & Nick marry tomorrow and spending my last day in Austin with some good friends!

It’s off back to Louisiana first thing Monday morning with my parents.

Tuesday is BRITNEY’S concert! I’m so pumped up about it. I just hope Sarah gets better soon so she can enjoy the concert to its fullest!


3 Responses to “Tate in Austin”

  1. looooove that pix, thats the kind i was asking for earlier, not the “hmph” kind that u sent me LOL 🙂

    rest up and i hope im better tues too- oh boy.

  2. glad you’re enjoying awestin and am looking forward to check out your other photos!

  3. i’m curious to see what you guys say about the britney’s concert. also where are the seats in the venue & interpreters?? (sometimes i don’t get an interpreter because i just want to focus on the concert. i’ve done that a couple times.)

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