Jessica Moran’s Senior Portraits

I finally finished Jessica Moran’s senior portraits from our session at the end of January (see I told you I’m behind!). They came out so awesome and I’m loving the feel of them. She’s definitely a glamour girl – I loved her makeup and fashion sense.

Here are a few of her shots from our session.












Thanks Jessica!


7 Responses to “Jessica Moran’s Senior Portraits”

  1. kerriclark Says:

    man, i wish i had you take pics of me!

  2. kerriclark Says:

    back when i was a senior, i meant!

  3. me wanna you to take pics of me. beautifully done. good job, TT!

  4. Wow! What a beautiful young lady. Annnnnd you captured all her moods. Nice job, I know she’ll be please with them.

  5. She looks beautiful! actually she favors Callie from grey’s anatomy show a little bit..

  6. gorgeous photos of her! 😀 wish my senior pics were as cool as those!

  7. I just wish i had that kind of fashion sense and style and confidence as i did when I was 17! they look soooo unbelievably gorgeous!

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