Schedule Update/ ACT headshots!

Here’s my updated schedule for those who are interested. I had to extend my DC stay (and I know it’s not a bad thing, but I’ll just miss my wife and two furries alot) from May 10th to May 3rd to add another weekend. It was just getting way to clustered from back to back shoots. I would have shot my self (and not with a camera) and clients would have been over-rushed.


This evening is the premiere of the Ascension Community Theater’s CYRANO production. I’m excited for them to kick off!

These are the headshots that I had to hurry up and rush-edit/print just now to put up in their hallway to present the actors in the play. I’m really enjoying doing this volunteer work for them. I wanted to go last night to take photos at their full dress rehearsal but was just feeling under the weather. Hopefully, somehow – I’ll still be able to get some full dress shots.

img_5178-copyLorna Culmone Bourgeois

img_5191-copyJason Ambeau

img_5202-copyBryan Songy

img_5236-copyGarrett Allain

img_5242Dawn Martinez

img_5248-copyRebecca Bozeman

img_5263-copyKevin White

img_5276Derek Bourque

img_5294Philippe Radelet

img_5304Michael Mason

img_5314Warren Fraser

img_5321Casey Bundick

Good luck to you all tonight! For more info on ACT’s CYRANO – click on this link.

5 Responses to “Schedule Update/ ACT headshots!”

  1. your wife Says:

    coooooool headshots!!!!!! its not often i see that in your work.

    i will miss you sooo much in DC too- at least we have this entire month to be together and i shall be my happy healthy self by the weekend for us to enjoy togetherness 🙂

  2. Kelly Cardenas Says:

    I see that you will be in Austin, Tx on Aug 6th and wonder if there is a possible to squeze or find a time to take some pixes of my husband with our two boston terriers dogs and myself for our 2009 xmas cards…would like to know how much d you charge for your works and etc???? thanks

    have a good day


  3. We all knew that these pictures would look just AMAZING. Thank you so very much, and yes, we will break a leg tonight! The time of my life!

  4. Dawn Martinez Says:

    Thank you so much for the coverage and well wishes for our production. The headshots are wonderful – Thank You! We are very excited (not nervous) about tonights opening performance.

  5. jodi james Says:

    wow, these are so great!! break a leg tonight everyone! *muah*

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