Strips From Elisa & Nick’s Austin Wedding

They had a photo booth – always so fun fun fun!!! And I forgot to put one in their scrapbook – how awful is that! When I send their wedding gift, I’ll have to send one their way. Oh boy (really, it was all the booze!)

strip1First one – only into a drink or two…

strip3Me & CT – my second session of the night…..a few drinks…

strip2Third Session – Members of the 103rd Cong for Kappa Gamma

strip5Fourth Session – “For the one that goes in the scrapbook”

Notice in this one and the first one, the last photo – I’m “holding” an absent Sarah & signing “S” for her name.

strip4Fifth one – Just way too drunk.


5 Responses to “Strips From Elisa & Nick’s Austin Wedding”

  1. You might want to reconsider this heavy partying… you remind me of an arrested Nick Nolte’s mug shot in a couple of these pics.

  2. i don’t know if it’s the way you scanned these photos (I lovvveee photo booth photos!!!). a friend had one at her wedding, and it was way too much fun! anyway.. the strips look like it’s from the 70’s. which make it too cool.

  3. *muffled giggles* at Mr. Randy.

    and i love the “absent” Sarah in the pics. 😉

  4. diggin’ ’em photo booth shots! ;D

  5. I LOVE ’em!
    In the 1st set, 2nd photo- you remind me of Jack Black!
    In the 4th set, 1st & 2nd photo- remind me of Alec Baldwin!

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