Collecting ART

I really love to collect art. I’m really trying to do it as much as I can (afford)!

I’m in love with this website at 20 x established by an art gallery/curator owner named Jen Bekman in New York City. So far, I’ve purchased three photographs from the website (the $20 versions) so I am now a proud owner of these three limited edition prints that will go up in our guest bathroom above the backwall of the tub. We want to have different kinds of artworks on that specific wall with any “hint” of green as a dominant color because our bathroom colors are that light blue, with black – along with some green flowers/vase in there to push the green out more. It’ll look great when we do actually get them framed.

The three photos I have collected so far now are…..

suziehedge_artworkimageuntitled (suzie hedge), 2006 by Brandon Herman

imnotmad_artworkimagei’m not mad, by kotama bouabane

tischlermatt_15_sm_artworkimageuntitled #15, by matthew tischler

Aren’t they cool pieces of art!?

I encourage you to do what you can to support the arts in any way. It’s so fun, and you support many creative minds that run amok on our planet.


One Response to “Collecting ART”

  1. I saw that in Domino magazine!! I should check it out!

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