Self Portraits – March 2007

Found this cool set of self portraits I forgot all about. I had posted the last one on my former blogsite over at Xanga, but when I looked at them alltogether – looked kick butt.





…..and off the point – who has seen the new movie – Watchmen?? Is it just me or doesn’t it look like a fun movie?

4 Responses to “Self Portraits – March 2007”

  1. last one made me yawn.

  2. Charlene Says:

    You gotta read the graphic novel Watchmen (it’s by Alan Moore) and the trailer Watchmen only makes me really really want to watch it! If it is open-captioned at theater, I’ll be very excited to go!!!!

  3. Your Dad Says:

    Ditto what your wife said, Serious! 😀

  4. LOVE the photos.
    If we werent recovering Rico would have dragged me to see it.

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