Cyrano Photo Stuff

Last Thursday, I went and put up all the printed headshots (in their frames). It all looks great! They surprised me and included me alot in their program, and even gave me a full page ad. I assumed it’d be business card sized – but full page! How sweet!

They’ve had four days of performances this past weekend and so far, all the hype is great. they will do more this coming weekend which is when I need to go and shoot some backstage stuff (and full clothed stage shots if possible).

Check it out!

cyranocover1Designed by Rebecca Bozeman (also an actress in the play)

cyranophotographer1thanks for the shout out!

cyranofullad1Kerri – looks good, huh? Thanks for letting me use it!

Here are the photos (headshots) taken with my bb curve (it’s no iphone, I know!)




Be sure to try to catch it if you’re local and show your support to the local arts!

Have a great day!

2 Responses to “Cyrano Photo Stuff”

  1. kerriclark Says:

    love it!!! too cool. đŸ™‚

  2. I saw the play and the photography. ACT always does a great job and Cyrano was no exception–it was just as good as all their previous productions. AND, your photographs look marvelous–very professionally done! Congratulations to all the actors and you!

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