Brooks Done!

Emily, Emily, Emily! Your kid’s photos are DONE! Beep me and I’ll be sure to have the CD ready for you to pick up.

Brooks was such a fun baby to post-edit. It’s almost as if he was so versatile in the photos and could look like a different baby in different photos – which is a fun trait to have.

Here are a few more for you all to ooohhh ahhhh over.









Now off to edit a New Orleans based pregnant chick!


5 Responses to “Brooks Done!”

  1. This is gorgeous baby , I love the eyes , the serene , the peace over the baby . Tate, you have way with kids. Gorgeous

  2. your wife Says:

    this makes me want one. like really. i love the last 1 on the weight scale, thats a sweet unique one!

  3. Michelle Ayers Says:

    love them all especially the first one with the peace sign!!

  4. Brooks' favorite aunt Says:

    OMG, I’m in love all over again!!! I miss his eyes, his smile and his smell! good job as always, Tate!!!

  5. oh, tate! beautiful pics especially the last one on the weight scale! i just love it!

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