Ellie Grace from New Orleans arrived!

Funny, this morning I wrapped up Mary & Chris’s maternity photos and I texted Mary to see if I could post some here on the blog. “Ellie Grace was born yesterday” – Ah!! Yay for Mary & Chris – and perfect timing for this posting!

I photographed their wedding in Gulf Shores, Alabama almost two years ago (has it been that long ago already?!) and just hit it off with their family & friends. They were so much fun and sure enough, I scored another wedding gig this coming summer through them – (a shout out to Lindsey & Bradley).

Thank you Chris & Mary, for the continued support/business!

Welcome to the world, Ellie Grace.












Look on the left – those three framed photos are wedding shots that I did.


4 Responses to “Ellie Grace from New Orleans arrived!”

  1. your wife Says:

    gorgeoussssssss and is that their house, gorgeous!

  2. she looks unbelievably BEAUTIFUL pregnant! gorgeous.

  3. Your Dad Says:

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful setting, beautiful couple, AND a beautiful Mom. It looks like the only place she gained any weight was in her stomach. Congrats on their new baby girl. Ellie Grace is a day old… her mom probably has her figure back already.

  4. These are beautiful pictures! I can’t wait until June! (thanks for the shout out!)

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