Jess + red hair = SASSY!

Jess had a gut instinct that it was finally time to dye her virgin hair another color. Sarah dyed it a red color (I forget the name) but we had fun after we ate some good gumbo. I wanted to do a before/in between/after kind of impromptu shoot. That was fun!

I love how her hair came out. She looks like a different lady with that sizzlin’ hot red hair.



Jess with her 24 year old blond hair!


Dye application = Freaked out Jess


Dye Art = Avante Garde


Jess + Red hair = SASSY!!!

img_8594Jess, Sarah, and I = fun times.


9 Responses to “Jess + red hair = SASSY!”

  1. Hahaha, loving the pixs!!!!! Jess does look good as redhead!!!!! Hey Jess!! *wolf whistles* hehehe. xoxoies

  2. Michelle Ayers Says:


  3. your wife Says:

    GOSH I LVOE IT!!!!!

  4. blueeyedtawni Says:


  5. lol *blush*

    looks like a freaking wig- i still jump when i see myself in the mirror… i love it 😀

  6. LOL totally diggin’ the photos! 😀 lovin the new haircolor as well!

  7. OMG I SO LOVE THE HAIR!!! The pics are fabulous as usual 😉

  8. Your Dad Says:

    Jess is so cute any color hair would look nice on her. The red is nice buuuuuuut you know how I love blonde hair. My favorite pic is the second one.

  9. Honey any color would look good on you!!! I love the different poses…it is so Jess….

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