Evil Mexican Food & A Baby

Yesterday, Sarah really wanted to go eat something out instead of at home. I said but we’re going out tomorrow (tonight) for sushi for a friend’s birthday that we got invited to……… but eventually, I always give in because I rather eat out too anyway!

She said, “Mexican or Crawfish?” We are both in the mood for some boiled crawfish but decided to wait till we have a crawfish boil sometime soon. Mexican it was! Casa Maria is where we headed over to.

Ashlie beeped us bored and pregnant. We got her to come meet up with us.

Mexican food is delicious but please tell me that I’m not alone when I really say it’s evil. It does nothing but make me feel overweight triple than I already am. I can eat chips and salsa all day long. I could even order some nachos for dinner even after eating chips and salsa all day long. I love refried beans, black beans, beans galore…… I much rather steak beef over veggies/less fattening chicken…..

hence, the revelation – Mexican food is evil. I’ll probably have some more again next week somehow. Ah. Earth is a battleground, right?

As for baby number two for Ashlie – it’s coming any day now – she’s already feeling the pressure. She’s READY for Gabe to pop out. We are too. We’re excited for her & James!

I love this shot of Sarah. Normally I hate taking photos of people right after they put food in their mouth, but this one was just too cute.casamaria1

Chilps & Salsa. We die together.casamaria2

Gabe’s ready to pop out any day now!casamaria3casamaria4

Us all smiley.casamaria5casamaria6

Sarah definitely has pregnancy envy, we’re both ready to have some kids!casamaria7

Evil Mexican food, go away! Gabe, come out soon!


8 Responses to “Evil Mexican Food & A Baby”

  1. your wife Says:

    LOL i laugggghed at this! i think im still full from last night, but i could have some more of that veggie fajita- even though mine was alot less fattening than yours- i still felt triple fat afterwards too 🙂

    ash looks GREAT, im soo excited about baby gabe.

  2. Amanda C. Says:

    Yes, I totally agree with you that Mexican food is only evil to our body! I wish it wasn’t so evil because they tasted so damn GOOD!! Whenever I come to Texas, I’m like I want Mexican, Mexican, Mexican! I will smother them food esp warm homemade tortillas!!!!! 😉 I am too a chip& salsa frantic!

    Great pictures! Loved the picture of Sarah with her cute lips puckered up

  3. kerri clark Says:

    precious – so good to see y’all on here. mexican food is faboo, but if you WANT healthy, we’ll take you to 100% taquito. it’s soooooo delish.

    can’t wait til gabe comes out, too!

  4. I am totally with you on the whole mexican is evil concept… i CANNOT resist a good bowl of chips and salsa… nor can I resist a champ enchilda. *but lucky for me.. i go for fajitas around here*.

    Chris and I defintely need to visit you and Sarah 🙂

  5. Michelle Ayers Says:

    Oh my god I love salsa and chips and we cant forget the guacamole!! especially fresh guacamole

  6. love, LOVE Sarah’s expression in the last pic! =D

  7. Michelle Ayers Says:

    Sarah-I love your purse!

  8. Cant wait to see Gabe! Rico’s jealous of his bro having a boy before he does 🙂 Now he wont leave me alone!

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