March Message from TTP

Hey y’all,

I’m in my office right now trying to straighten up the schedule for the DC trip coming up. I fly in town on Friday, April the 3rd so I’m excited about seeing y’all again. This is the first time I haven’t been back to DC in over a year (I came last April!).

I won’t be holding shoots at the National Arboretum Park as I have in the past. I am tired of that place and want to provide a new “scenery” for clients. I will be organizing the shoots will take place at specific locations each day so those of you that have booked an appointment with me – keep your eye out for a location email. This should give you time to arrange your timing in order to meet me on time for your photo session. I am pretty much booked from April 11th to 19th, but have some openings during the first week of April (4-10th) so let me know if you want to book an appointment after all/or move your appointment to the first week if it’d work better for you.

If we have exchanged a few emails and haven’t SET an appointment yet, let me know – I can be so scatterbrained at times! I would like to get things set in stone this week so I can assign locations.

I’ve had some questions about rates & etc. The two options you have are 24 shots for $90 (only up to two people), and $105 for 36 shots (three people). If there are more than three people taking part in the 36 shot deal, then you are to add $5 per additional individual. I stopped doing prints over a year ago. Instead, you will receive your photos in BOTH color/black and white so you’ll have the option of choosing what you like best. The photos will be on a CD in hi-res format which will enable you to get them printed at your own price/pace.

For engaged couples, if you are interested in meeting me in person to discuss your wedding details/throw some questions my way – please let me know right away so I can make time for y’all as well.

I had to put off my Colorado trip again because I got booked for a wedding on May 9th in Pennsylvania. I am now looking at different options of when to zoom over there still. My May 15th wedding has been postponed so that date is open once again. Again, thanks to you all for being such great clients/friends/supporters.

For those of you who don’t know – I’m on Twitter under TatePhoto so go and add me – you can keep track of my daily musings and updated news!

Enjoy the Spring!


Tate Tullier Photography

These photos are from a photo session I did with Michelle Lane’s family in Austin a few weeks ago. They were a fun bunch –








2 Responses to “March Message from TTP”

  1. tate's wife Says:

    love the last pix— reminds me of our “dream family pix” 🙂

    also love the half face profile pix w his pj’s on, sweeeet!

  2. He’s so cute!!!

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