Austin Friends!

Hey y’all –

I am so excited, I finished editing my Austin shoots within my set goal! Yazoo!

I posted a few from Michelle’s session on my “message” blog entry. Now here are some tidbits from the other four sessions I did.

Thanks to all of you, you pretty much helped me “pay off” my trip to see two friends get married & also come home with some moolah to pay a bill here and there. It’s all a circle – can’t wait to come again!

Brandi’s Family




Jen’s Family








Debbie’s Family




Thanks to those of you who braved the unexpected chilly/windy weather! It ended up giving us some oomph in the photos with all the hair flying around us.

Again, Austin – can’t wait ’till next time!


4 Responses to “Austin Friends!”

  1. tate's wife Says:

    love austin, and love these pixs, such photogenic clients!

  2. love that pic of the woman against the lime green wall! and the family walking past the turquoise wall, too! can’t wait to have you shoot our family again! let me know about NH…

  3. loved the bright color-popping backgrounds! 😀 good fotos as always

  4. tate's wife Says:

    i love tutus on baby girls. if i have one, im gonna make u crazy with 387385 diffy colors!!!!!!

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