Go, Go, & Go

things are just going and going

when do we see exactly what is going?

the light can come on,

but can blow out into darkness any day.

the neighborhood stands still,

as I go, go, and go…….

never really looking back to see the tall grass that stands in my yard.

Going, going, going

Are we going the right direction?

Is the light going to stay on?

Who knows? We just have to go, go, and go……

Before life takes us by the throat,

and squeezes every inch of breath out of our bodies….

Before it’s too late,

turn on that light and

get a fucking bat and

smash the damn thing.

Go, go, go

We’re going into the darkness

and screw the neighborhood

let the grass grow fuckin’ tall

see if I care….

I ain’t lookin’ back

because I’m going and going…..

The neighborhood gonna get covered with them light bulbs

we’re gonna walk barefoot in the dark

and our feet will bleed as we drag our feet on the shattered glass

and we’ll continue to smash the light

that keeps shining upon us

and shining

shining in my face and yours

where I can’t see where the fuck I’m going

with our hands holding……

Go, go, go!

Take that bat, and smash that shit

that holds you back

and make it what you want it to be.


One Response to “Go, Go, & Go”

  1. tate's wife Says:

    wow. i always forget what a good writer you are. i miss your poems.

    my favorite line(s) were the ones about our tall grass LOL 🙂

    yup, go go go.

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